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"It always seems to me a waste of time to work on any text that is second-rate; the better the text the more possibilities will open up."  

I've been fortunate in that much of my career; teaching and acting, has been in the classics.  The Old Globe's dogma is that if you work primarily in Shakespeare you cannot help but become a formidable actor.  Though I teach many different subjects within the theatre; I always encourage linking breath to thought and thought to life as the coursework unfolds.

I encourage students to stay true to their dreams and give freely to them any technique or wisdom or insight that I've gathered through my decades in the theatre.  I don't think they should be discouraged or overly criticized.  There are as many different sizes and shapes and abilities of actors as there are people.

I encourage them to be free and play and be imaginative but also instill in them the ethics of professionalism.

My personal agenda is to direct, act, produce and choreograph exciting, new productions of Shakespeare and keep the bard current and engaging for the next audience.

— Cicely Berry